About Us

Our mission is to rapidly expand the use of world-class information technology and data science to ensure that Africa’s soil and landscape resources are described, understood and used effectively to raise agricultural productivity and lower ecological footprints as a means of increasing the prosperity of Africa’s communities and nations.

AfSIS works with a wide range of stakeholders to develop demand-driven spatial data and information products and services and helps to build institutions for improving the management of soils and landscapes.

Our “Priority Region of Interest” area is Africa’s cropland biome, which by our estimates currently occupies ~38% of the photosynthetically active land area of the African continent (~19.8 M km2) and encompasses more than 90% of its rural population living in 54 countries.

Cropland biome probability map.

AfSIS Cropland Priority Region of Interest.

We are also fundamentally interested in the other photosynthetically active biomes of Africa that include forests and rangelands, but exclude deserts, urban areas and water bodies.

Photosynthetically active areas of Africa.

Overall Photosynthetically Active Region of Interest.

Our R&D activities include four main work streams: