Africa Soil Profile Database

Significant progress has been made in collecting and assembling legacy soil profile data for sub-Saharan Africa. This effort draws on decades of soil survey campaigns in Africa, converting the legacy profile data into formats that link to the digital platforms developed for AfSIS.

The Africa Soil Profiles Database now contains over 18,500 geo-referenced legacy soil profile records for 40 countries. This number significantly adds to the amount of soil data available within AfSIS and continues to grow steadily. The soil profile records were identified and collected from over 500 data sources, both digital and analogue, and the data were compiled and converted to a common standard and parsed through basic quality rules and cleaning. Previously, such data would only be accessible through a myriad of sources and would not be standardized, hindering efforts to make the data shareable and usable.

The Africa Soil Profiles database, report, and kmz files for visualization using GIS tools are available here for direct download.

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