Enumerators Offer Perspectives on ICT4Ag Pilot Survey

by | October 7, 2011
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We are excited to present the following video highlighting the perspectives of two of our enumerators. While this does not represent the entire group (five in total), we believe that it is generally representative. These particular enumerators were chosen because they have the most experience conducting surveys and were the most comfortable being filmed.

ICT4Ag Pilot Survey: Enumerator Perspectives (via YouTube)

Here are a few other important questions we asked during our final debriefing session, along with a summary of the answers given:

AfSIS: What could we do as an employer to improve your experience in future surveys?
—-They suggested some sort of identification (i.e. hats, badges, t-shirts), more money, a more comfortable transport arrangement, and additional training.

AfSIS: Did you prefer working with the tablets or mobile phones?
—-All preferred working with the tablets primarily because of the size of the screen and keyboard.

AfSIS: Did we make the right decision not giving a small gift to the farmers for participating in the survey?
—-Our enumerators were mostly agriculture extension officers, and there has been a big push in this area to avoid giving gifts for surveys. They did mention that it would be appropriate to have small gifts available for the village leaders who occasionally traveled around with us to introduce our work to the farmers in their area.

AfSIS: Would you be interested in participating in a survey like this again?
—Yes, but they said it might require higher wages and refresher training.

AfSIS: Which app was your favorite to use?
—Four of the enumerators chose ODK Collect because it is so easy to use. The youngest enumerator chose Locus Free because we used it for maps and navigation. He is interested in learning more about those topics.

AfSIS: Which were the most sensitive questions asked to the farmers?
—-The most sensitive questions were those that dealt most directly with wealth. For example, “How many livestock did you have 12 months ago?,” “How many livestock do you have on the farm now?,” “How large is your largest plot of land?,” and “Do you own a bank account?”

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